The ACE Project

Transforming the lives of underserved children and families impacted by gun violence and trauma through compassion, resources, and unique opportunities.

Acting Compassionately Everyday

Motivated by the tragic homicide of Cory Crowe Sr. on October 25, 2014, ACE was started to empower marginalized youth and families affected by gun violence and trauma by fostering a supportive environment, providing essential resources, and opening doors to new possibilities.

The ACE Project Survivors Healing Retreat

Join us in celebrating 10 years of compassionate service at the 3rd Annual “The Ace Project Survivors Healing Retreat” in Jamaica from Oct 24, 2024 to Oct 28, 2024!

We offer a wide range of community programs

ACE Life Skills

Academy of Child Entrepreneurship

Positive Reinforcement over Myself

Healing Project

ACE Compassion Outreach

Choices and Consequences

ACE Nail Workshop

Men in the Making

ACE Summer Life Skills & Creative Arts

The Mission!

The ACE Project’s mission is to exceed expectations.
Provide our youth with resources and experiences that will allow them to discover their talents and ultimate potentials that will assist them in being productive citizens in our communities.

Acting Compassionately Everyday “Working With The Hand You Were Dealt”

The ACE Project. Acting Compassionately Everyday