Our Programs and Services

Our programs and services are designed to be a beacon of hope for underserved children and families impacted by gun violence and trauma, offering compassionate support, access to essential resources, and a diverse range of unique opportunities that empower them to heal, grow, and thrive.

The ACE Project Survivors Healing Retreat

Join us in celebrating 10 years of compassionate service at the 3rd Annual “The Ace Project Survivors Healing Retreat” in Jamaica from Oct 24, 2024 to Oct 28, 2024!

Offering a wide range of community programs

ACE Healing Project

The Healing Project is an initiative to assist in healing families affected by gun violence for the purpose of intentional healing.

Provides mental health services for families and youth impacted by gun violence and trauma.

Voices of Pain- is a gun advocacy that speaks to organizations and youth about the impact of gun violence.

  • Give access to grief coaches and other resources for healing
  • Host annual healing retreat and summit
  • Distributes survivor’s wellness baskets
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Academy of Child Entrepreneurship

Our ultimate goal is to ignite economic principles built for prosperity. We inspire students to overcome and seize opportunities for good. We want to prepare them for success in the workplace, life, and the community.

  • Equips young leaders
  • Teach financial literacy and educational support
  • Support in business development
  • Provide mentorship
  • Improve the social-economic status of youth
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2023 Retreat

Positive Reinforcement over Myself

Positive Reinforcement over Myself (PROM) develops young women’s independence and leadership skills via sewing while including principles of critical thinking, positive self-talk, team work, and social skills.

  • Cultivates etiquette, social skills, and positive peer relationships
  • Encourages young women to develop their own definitions and or expectations of personal beauty and style
  • Engages youth in critical thinking and problem-solving
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Men In The Making

Our mission is to mentor young men into self-sufficient Men of character and skills with training and working opportunities for painting and minor drywall repairs. We will have classes throughout the year that will teach basic car maintenance, Culinary, House maintenance, etc.

• Equip participants with various life skills including painting, drywall and handyman work
• Build the confidence and self-esteem of the participants in reading, writing and speaking
• Equip participants in financial literacy

• Introduce participants to various trades

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ACE (Academy of Child Entrepreneurship) Summer Program

Summer Dates: June 10th- July 25th Group outing July 26th-July 28th

ACE Summer Enrichment combines art and creativity to promote leadership and life skills through cooking, arts, DIY’s and other vocations. Youth are able to explore Entrepreneurship through creative expression will learning life skills.

Children ages 10-18

  • Explore their creativity in a safe environment with other creatives
  • Improves social and emotional skills 
  • Promotes self-esteem
  • Strengthens comprehension
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